The Martin Scott Tumbling Story

Now the forums at Cook’d and Bomb’d are known for a couple of things really, really liking comedy and most importantly being incredibly disappointed, enraged and annoyed by anything with humorous intentions which fails to live up to their expectations. Anyway, they have decided to do some comedy of their own. It may disappoint Gervais. R, Long. J and anyone else hoping this bunch of armchair critics would come unstuck attempting to y’ know do it themselves because, it seems, they are also very good at creating as well as complaining. Basically it’s a series of you tube videos telling in spoof documentary form the story of ‘70s folk singer Martin Scott Tumbling. If you have ever thought the life of Nick Drake would be a really good thing to base some comedy on then this is for you. Actually erm that doesn’t come off as much of a recommendation does it… oh well, it’s really rather funny.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3



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