I Still Remember

I’m not sure Bloc Party’s “I Still Remember” is the best or even my favourite single released this year. It’s got strong competition from Avril Lavigne’s joyful spite on Rubinoo’s tribute “Girlfriend “or the ravishing emptiness at the core of Nelly Furtado’s “Say It Right” or the sheer ludicrousness of “This is Why I‘m Hot”… There are others. Anyway “I Still Remember”. My reading of it is, I think, completely aberrant, but it was the guitar part that scythes out of the rather too close to Snow Patrol body of the song that set me thinking. It sounds pretty much exactly like the kind of staccato melodicism that The Strokes once traded in. A sound that in my mind link back to that perfect summer. That briefest moment between Blair’s second landslide and September 11th. A time when the vilest of Daily Mail xenophobia was dismissed by the electorate and whilst George W was in the White House, he was a failure already, soon he would be replaced. A time for optimism, at least for me. Maybe it was the sun, maybe it was being seventeen. That little bit of lead guitar throws me back to a moment when I felt so much optimism about the world and for some strange reason a bunch of trust fund kids with a Cars LP could (along with Plaid, Outkast, Sugar, MSP and myriad others) so thoroughly encapsulate this hope. Maybe it wasn’t just me, maybe it was a better time somehow. My eye was off the ball and though The Mail and The Telegraph had been defeated The Times and The Sun were waiting just waiting. The song itself is nostalgia of some lost moment, an emotional moment, a specific:
“Our love could have soared over playgrounds and roof tops…”
To me it feels wider. It would. I still remember.


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