David Jason’s Neo-Conservative Agenda

Were you aware of the existence of “Only Fools and Horses” educational and patriotic special episodes? Me neither. In the first, from 1984, Del and Rodney extol the virtues of oil and in the second, from 1991 they big up the boys serving in the first gulf war. Odd. Were those consummate emblems of the Thatcher era truly the harbingers of the neo-con agenda? This may be a hint that I mess around on wikipedia a little too much.

As Rodney and Grandad watch a war movie, Del Boy returns from the cafe with a magazine about oil, and begins educating his younger brother and grandfather, explaining all the products which would not exist without oil.

Also present are many of the troops’ wives, whom Del and Rodney assure the viewers they will take care of. The scene ends with an appreciative message to the troops.


2 thoughts on “David Jason’s Neo-Conservative Agenda

  1. Del Boy and Rodney were pretty much the archetypal working class Thatcherites (self-sufficient wheeler-dealers with a hatred of government interference in their lives), but they only moved on and out of the working class under Blair.

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