So it’s all over. 10 years of Blair and there they are on Newsnight. The stalwarts wheeled out, discussing “the legacy” and it reminds me of times when I cared. Times when I cared so much more than I seem capable of today. Anticlimactic to an insane degree. It all feels so, so empty. Alistair Campbell radiates a dull evil as he defend every one of Blair’s actions whether good or ill. A slate faced obedience machine spouting dogma. Charles Kennedy respectably useless, Polly Toynbee with the figures to smear Tory voting relatives, a playwright and a former minister. Yet still I hate Michael Howard more than any of them, more than I could ever, ever hate Blair himself. It’s a disinterested spectacle, it’s watching the cars pass, admiring the distance; trying to avoid looking a the road ahead. I remember the certainties of the first term and the realization of how out of control everything was early 2003. How an evil beyond anything I’d known was at play. The resonance of that Dogs Die In Hot Cars song I posted is that it sounds, to me, like the kind of exhalation that only comes when everything is completely fucked. 2004. It doesn’t feel like that now.

Dizzee Rascal’s new song is not that good but the video, Christ the video…

It’s a dull evil rising now. It comes from the south, in the wicked dreams of the selfish boomtown… Maybe it’s just cash ruling everything, in some ways that’s easier to deal with…


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