acrobat has opinions 4U

on umbrella:

umbrella is a good song, very good but it doesn’t seem like a 9 week smash. it doesn’t seem to have the all ages appeal of the likes of “crazy” or “i don’t feel like dancing”, the stuff that straddles radios 1 and 2. it’s definitely in the blockbuster bracket of “sexyback” and “maneater” but neither of them spent so long at number one. i guess you’d have to see the sales figures but it’s hard to know if it’s the song itself or just paucity of competition that’s giving it such a long run. if it’s the song itself i guess that the big selling point is that it sort of combines the attributes of a “banger” and a “ballad” but by that reasoning “my love” would have been number one for nine weeks. possibly.

it’s very easy not to be aware of its existence.

it just doesn’t seem very pervasive, admittedly when i come to think of it i have heard it in shops and a couple of tv idents. this measure the success of a song by how many times i hear it in a week idea may not be very useful tbh thou. also rihanna doesn’t seem to be in the press that much. not being british puts her at one remove and she has yet to be a beyonce style megastar. possibly kind of hard to write broadsheet articles on. she was at live earth wasn’t she?

i have no other opinions. laterz.


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