Children of Men

I finally saw this on DVD last night and wow. I live pretty near Bexhill, it just felt so real, like this could really happen.

What it made me think of was something I read in an essay by Richard Rorty, where he described the greatest fear of one of the original American pragmatists, James or Dewey maybe. It was something along the lines that the greatest fear, if you take God out of the equation, is of the human race ending. That there will be no one to pass knowledge onto, that it all will have been pointless. He uses this image of the human race as existing on an iced-over pond, that we think we are so safe but at any moment it may break and we all may drown. The phrase I think I remember being used was “fellow sufferers”, that’s what Children of Men was about for me, the hope that though there’ll be suffering it may in the end all be worth it.

The comments on the Rotten Tomatoes pages about the film are so very depressing, many arguing it is little more than leftist propoganda.

I was suprised to noticed that the DVD includes “Comments by Slavoj Žižek”, has anyone wathed these? Isn’t Žižek anti-humanist or something, I only have a cursory knowledge of his stuff, because for all it’s grimness COM was in the end I thought very humanist.

Also for in an odd way it was sort of like a superhardcore Dr Who episode.

Also “The Last Dance” by Disco Inferno. That song as a film.


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