Notes on “The Peep Show conservative”

* The Iraq War – Boo hiss! It was a cock up though they may have supported the invasion circa 2003. The failure was clearly the result of Americans being fat / lazy / stupid. They may point out that “it’s all about oil” or that it “was illegal.

* Global Warming – LOL load of old bollocks. If it’s like Malaga in Kent I’m all for it! I don’t see why I should stop driving / flying / dumping fridges if China / Russia / India / some corporation is chucking x tonnes of C02 into the atmosphere! Anyway everyone else does / has done these things, it’s my turn!

* Race – I’m not a racist but an “ironic” LOL about “them” goes down a treat.

* Not overly concerned with house prices yet. They are in a sense apolitical, they’ll join a facebook group protesting speed cameras or walking slowly but probably won’t vote in an election. Apart from Boris (legund!!!) politics is gay. The generation who have grown up with Peep Show and Family Guy as their Spaced and Simpsons.

* Everyone want to be hip these days. No time for Mondeo Pop, we can combine hip young peoples young people stuff with reactionary views, easy. Vice paved the way. The failiure of the Nietzschized Left. We don’t mind blacks and gays (they are funny though!) but don’t get in out way chavscum!

* Anti Nu-Labour. Actually it’s anti politics, Boris and J Clarkson are heroes cos they are outside politics, they tell it like it is. This generation barely remember John Major’s era. It’s a cake and eat it deal or something.

* It is interesting though the juncture at which Country Side Alliance crosses over with upper class hippie culture though. I think the American idea of Libertarianism is the key, not that many identify as Libertarian but it is happening, they are out there and growing in number y know. I can’t stop thinking about Children of Men, it’s like the government in that, nominally democratic, “liberal” even but existing mainly to keep the wolf from the door. Your freedom to buy coffee shall not be impeded. I have been reading me some kpunk. Hah ha ha. Google politics.

* Robert Webb like Christopher Hitchens.


2 thoughts on “Notes on “The Peep Show conservative”

  1. Isn’t decrying a type of person (‘Peep Show Conservatives’) and referring to them as ‘they’, little better than decrying another (‘Chavscum’) or referring to another as ‘them’?

  2. Sort of, but there is a power dynamic at play here. Like:
    “Isn’t decrying a type of person (“BNP Members”) and referring to them as ‘they’, little better than decrying another (’Imigrants’) or referring to another as ‘them’?”
    Though yeah inverse snobbery a go go. The danger as you imply is that it is a strawman, painting a huge heap of people, people who are all different and wonderful individuals, with the same cynical brush. I find it useful as a way to tie together a few observations. It is not a true reflection of a person but a sketch of a social stereotype. Also it’s not like I’m starting groups with names like “Britian Would Be Great If We Castrated Every Peep Show Fan In Britian”.

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