John Lewis Snowman

The Snowman’s – More Fun – Journey

Is complaining about soppy Christmas adverts cliché yet? I mean Charlie Brooker did a piece eviscerating last year’s ultra-mawkish John Lewis ad, and when he’s laid into something then it’s free range really. One thing I hope we can all agree is AWFUL and NEEDS TO STOP is the cancer of twee acoustic covers on adverts.

You like “Please, Please, Please Let Me Ge What I Want”, “Where Is My Mind?“, “Another Girl, Another Planet” etc, etc? Then you’ll love it being turned into pastel-grey advert audio wallpaper! So, to combat this annoying trend here is my edit of the 2012 John Lewis Christmas advert.Where the original used a horribly emaciated cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Power Of Love” I’ve chosen a song with the same title that’s just a bit more lively. Because if our culture has got to a place where we have to treat adverts for department stores as psuedo-Spielbergian mini epic events, can’t they at least be fun?

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