Dum Dums Can't Get You Out of My Thoughts single cover

A Paul Morley Pastiche About Proto-Busted Pop-Punkers The Dum Dums

I was looking through some old documents and found this. I got the feeling that I imagine a lot of you feel when you read things I write… “what the hell is this about?” I think, I think it’s an attempt to pastiche Paul Morley’s oblique music book Words and Music: A History of Pop in the Shape of a City. Whilst Morley’s book was -kind of- about Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” mine is about The Dum Dum’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Thoughts” 

I am travelling on a bus. I am sitting next to Josh Doyle. Josh is the leader singer in a band. Josh is a student at a local sixth form college. Josh is the lead singer of a band called The Dum Dums. The bus is travelling to a local sixth form college. I am not sure if this is the sixth form college Josh attends. I am not even sure if we will actually arrive at the sixth form college as I am not actually sure how long this journey will last or indeed where we are going. I will ask Josh if he knows when we will arrive, I may even ask him where we will arrive but not now. Josh has earphones in and I don’t want to disturb him. Josh is listening to his minidisc player because it is 2000. Josh is listening to an album called “Does It Look Like I’m Here” by a group called Emeralds because it is 2010.

I also have earphones in. I am listening to a phone with a built in MP3 player because it is 2010. I am listening to “Can’t Get You Out Of My Thoughts” by The Dum Dums because it is 2000. It is a great song, it invents Busted and completes a story that Rick Springfield and Morrissey are characters in. Though, I don’t think either of them are principle characters. I think the story might be a murder mystery, Buddy Holly could be the victim and Lou Reed the killer or maybe Pete Waterman is the killer and Jim Reid is the victim, it’s hard to say. The denouement is certainly a song by the Dum Dums, though equally it could be the new album by Emeralds.

The bus turns down narrow lanes which twist before us like mediocre similies. We are on our way to a provincial sixth form college and at this moment in time “Can’t Get You Out Of My Thoughts”  is the most important song ever recorded, or maybe the most important song that has been created and then recorded, or maybe the most important songs that has been recorded and then created. To be honest it could be all three. Or none of them. Or something else entirely.


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