Buzzfeed frontpage

19 Epic Pictures of People And Kittens Reading Buzzfeed

Everyone loves reading Buzzfeed. Especially these guys!

1.  It’s 4.30 no one will really mind if you look at some kittens.

Bored Woman at Desk in Office

2. He’s having his lunch at his desk and saw a link on Facebook. 

man having lunch at desk

3. “Spongebob, 14 years ago, wow, soon we’ll all be just faintly remembered memories.”

Bored woman at desk in office

4. “I guess I do remember that thing that happened once.”

bored 13

5. He’s looking at a spreadsheet now but he’s just minimised “7 Weirdest Waffles Ever”

bored 1

6. Do you think the rise of Buzzfeed and the global economic slowdown are related?

bored 3

7. “Won’t hurt to scroll a bit further, might as well see all the paint tins that look like Kanye West.”

bored 19

8. The guy in background is definitely on Buzzfeed.

bored 4

9. “No! I can’t believe Justin Beiber has sold more records than Jeff Buckley! I am shocked.”

bored 5

10. “Honey, these pictures on my computer are moving. Is that right? Is this supposed to happen?”

bored 7

11. “Dil was the 5th best thing about Rugrats? Are these guys insane?!”

bored 10

12. “Yeah, Keenan and Kel. That was something I watched.”

bored 8

12. 37 Things Which Show Western Civilization Is In Terminal Decline

bored 9

13. “How can that man’s head look so much like a light aircraft on fire?!”

bored 11

14. 23 reasons to live on a diet of listicles and  low fat yoghurt.

bored 14

15. “This has all the compulsion and guilt of pornography but none of the pay off.”

bored 15

16. Contemplating the nature of mortality after seeing that the girl from Matilda is now a grown woman.

bored 16

17. For many people in the world this scene is impossibly decadent.

bored 18


Kitten at computer

19. Actually more of  a cat than a kitten, but people like cats right? Right?

Cat and bear at computer


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