adam and joe as the urban chaos collective

The 31 Greatest Trolls of All Time: 27. The Urban Chaos Collective

Whilst trollish behaviour can on occasions be interesting, provocative or funny it can also be irritating, obnoxious and actually kind of lame. There is very little less attractive than a smug troll luxuriating in the supposed  superiority of their subversion and insincerity. On their ramshackle late night Channel 4 show Adam and Joe trolled the trolls with their Urban Chaos Collective alter-egos. Clad in clothes that seemed to be at a sartorial intersection between anarcho-crusty and designer trainspotter the hapless wannabe culture jammers failed in all their plans to bring down society with their pranks.

Unfortunately no one has put all the individual sketches up on YouTube but, as every single episode of the Adam and Joe Show is on 4OD, the Urban Chaos Collective sketches aren’t too hard to track down. Highlights include the spoof of Trigger Happy TV where their attempt to freak out pedestrians with the spectacle of a dog walking a man is met with the withering response: “probably bunch of student”, an attempt to confront Richard Branson at Virgin HQ scuppered by the fact he’s not in the country and an attempt to open a bank account with money apparently gained from the maiming of donkeys…

The best moment though was their spoof of comedy troll Chris Morris’ dark and twisted anti-comedy Jam (or Jaaaaaaam depending on the edit).

Entitled “Goitre” the Urban Chaos Collective present a series of sketches bathed in trippy music and tricksy effects about such subjects as “sperm coffins” and dead babies. At the end one of the collective feels the whole thing has gone too far and declares the sketch revolting and storms out. His co-conspirator is left shouting about how it’s supposed to be “edgy and uncompromising” and finally resorts to yelling: “what about my genius?!!”. It’s a perfect summation of how desperate and adolescent people can look when trying too hard to troll. Indeed, Morris himself got the message hiding the “Goitre” sketch as an Easter egg on the DVD release of Jam, a true troll acknowledging that sometimes you’ve gotta be cruel to be kind:


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