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The 31 Greatest Trolls of All Time – Re-cap and Hiatus

In the introduction to this list on July 8th, I wrote:

“Trolling is big business for columnists. A week doesn’t seem to go by without a new piece attempting to stoke moral panic at the thought of these anonymous, abusive, online mischief makers. “

Now, the stoking is done, the whole thing is on fire, the moral panic is ablaze. There I was, going on about trolls, writing a little list, getting mad hits when I mentioned Man United, and now everyone has wheeled out an opinion or twenty about trolling. It just doesn’t seem like such a fun thing to write about at the moment and to be fair a lot of people have already said what I was going to say anyway and often expressed it a lot better than I would have.

For a while I worked in social media moderation and the last week has brought back the feeling of that. Not the fun of wind-ups, pranks or whatever, but the joyless monotony of people being unpleasant to each other. I may come back to this is future, I’ve written quite a few forthcoming entries so I may post them at some point. Thank you very much for reading and I hope you found something interesting in the first ten, but for the time being I’m sure you can find troll analysis in abundance elsewhere.

Here’s a quick recap of the first ten trolls:

31. @grthdvd
30. Armond White
29. Tens of thousands of Americans Online
28. An “outrageous” television personality
27. The Urban Chaos Collective
26. David Mikkelson
25. Boxxy
24. Eliot Fletcher and Simon Roberts
23. Sir Alex Ferguson
22. Anonymous 2004 – 2008
21. Mrs Merton

And the tenuously linked musical punchline?


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